HEAD HANDS HEART Christine’s Last Show

img_0876My work has been about where I live:

The life I have lived:

The struggle between imagination and reality:

I would take the clay and shape it with my hands as if breathing life into it.

It is a form of catharsis, essential to my being: one work leading to another in the form of a dialogue that comes through the process, and takes shape.

It reflects the destruction and healing forces of nature, living and dying at the same moment, a paradigm for our reality.

Clay, which is the Mother of all things, humble yet complex, is immediate and malleable: it has no bones until fired, when it becomes rock.

I would hand build my work and it emerged intuitively, at a pace close to my biological rhythms, giving shape to my thoughts, and after the fire emerging as diaries in time.


HEAD HANDS HEART is my final Show, and is a celebration of 40 years of practice:
It encapsulates all of the above, to the best of my ability.